As you already know, I’ve written a book.  And even though it’s not yet published, I hope you don’t mind me calling it a book because that’s what I’ve been calling it for the three and a half years its’ taken me to write it.  Yes, I know.  Some books take a lot less than three years to write.  Of course some take more.  But what I’ve written is a Do-It-Yourself guide… and because the subject matter was really quite challenging, much of what I wrote required that I, too had to learn to do it MYSELF.  Honestly, it required a LOT of learning on my part, and some of that learning was very… uncomfortable… often a little scary, too.  It forced me to venture outside of my “comfort zone”.  It also forced me to see how many comfort zones I had built around me.  One of the things I learned was that even though we constantly are building comfort zones around ourselves, we seldom even know that we’re doing it.  Maybe that doesn’t sound very scary to you, but I’m here to tell you, it IS, especially if you’ve spent a good bit of your life (as have I) unknowingly doing things mostly because you’ve always done them… or because you were taught to do them.

Unraveling Your Mindsets in 21 Days

What I discovered through writing this book was how many, many things we do… out of sheer habit… without ever noticing that they ARE habits, and more importantly, without ever noticing how much they impact our lives and how much they influence who we become.  To me, that’s the scary part.  And since we have so MANY habits quietly masquerading as “just the things we do”, a big portion of our lives end up being about things we really don’t even notice that we’re doing.  As if we’re just going through the motions.  Maybe that’s why we often find ourselves saying, “Where did the time go?”  What I’ve learned from writing this book is that we just haven’t been paying attention.  And how COULD we?  We were so busy trying to survive, trying to make a living, trying to make a difference, trying to be included, trying to do what everyone else was doing.

You see… that’s what my book is about.  It’s called “The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Conscious Living”.  At least, that’s the working title.  The working subtitle is “Unraveling Your Thoughts in 21 Days”.  Basically I’ve converted what took me three and a half years to figure out into an easily digestible twenty-one day format for YOU, and hopefully others like you.  And it’s even easier than that because time-wise each of those twenty-one days only requires about twenty minutes per day.  I know. I know.  Why twenty-one days?  Well…truthfully, it started out as thirty days, but once I completed writing the twentieth day it occurred to me to break it into two books so that I could start getting the information out there, and then I decided to go with twenty-ONE days because a lot of folks think there’s something magical about the number twenty-one.  So I figured maybe it could be my lucky rabbit’s foot.  Actually I didn’t really think of a rabbit’s foot at the time… but I did think that maybe the number twenty-one could turn out to be a little magical for me, too.  So, I buttoned up Book One and then began moving days twenty-two, twenty-three, etc., into a second book.  See… in addition to trying to get published…that’s what I’m working on now.  The second book currently under construction is titled, “The Do-It-Yourself Sequel to Conscious Living”.  The working subtitle for the sequel is “Repeating the Same Grade in the School of Hard Knocks”.  If I do say so myself, I think this subtitle sounds kinda’ catchy.  Hopefully you do, too.  At any rate, the end of Book One includes some sneak peeks for Book Two.  I have to tell you though, living “consciously” takes a little getting used to… and if you’re writing about it, it takes a LOT of thought to put it into words.  But I also have to tell you… it’s worth it! 🙂