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On Friday I spoke about the writing phase of my book.  Obviously it’s the creative phase where you create your content, and in my opinion, it’s the most important phase as it serves as the basis for all the phases to follow.  Of course, once my book is published, I’ll be able to share my creative content in its entirety, but until that time I’ll use this blog to give you more of a feel for my creativity.

Creative Content Rules The World

Creative content is very important to an author.  It is your intellectual property, and as such you become very protective over it and any potential misuse or translation of it, but you also become very proud of it.  The satisfaction that comes from that pride is what drives your motivation to continue, and the motivation is what you use to establish and maintain a routine that enables you to COMPLETE your project.  Like I said the other day, writing is VERY cerebral, but once it becomes routine, once it becomes your habit, it also becomes your mindset.  That mindset reminds you day after day that you are a writer. Yes… some days it questions whether or not you are a GOOD writer, and those days are rather tough, but as long as you maintain the mindset that you are a writer and that you have an important message to share, you can get through those days.

See… the book that I’ve written is all about mindsets and what effect they have on our lives.  Although we like to tell ourselves that mindsets are very complicated, they really are nothing more than habits.  They just happen to be very powerful habits, even though most of that power comes from the fact that we forget that we have anything to do with them.  But we have EVERYTHING to do with them, and if we begin paying attention to them, we can start taking back the power we unknowingly handed over to them.

My New Book Launch

If you’ve been following this blog, you already know the title of the book I am working to get published:

“The Do-it-Yourself Guide to Conscious Living – Unraveling Your Mindsets in 21 Days”.

As you can see from this sneak peek of the Table of Contents, each of the chapters in the book focuses on unraveling different mindsets:

Day and Title Corresponding Chapter
1. One and the Same

2. Passing The Buck

3. It May Become Your Legacy

4. Just What We Expected

5. A Hollow Ambition

6. What’s the Rush? 

7. Dancing Around One Another

8. There Ought to be a Rule for That

9. Lost in Translation

10. A Little of What’s Best in Us

11. Changes in How We Look

12. Causes for Anger

13. My Way is Best

14. Hidden Inside our Losses

15. What’s Really Flawed?

16. Creatures of Habit

17. The Stories We Tell

18. Something to Keep in Mind

19. Reasons Not to Get Better

20. What’s Your Ratio?

21. Shifting the Conversation

A Chapter on Success

A Chapter on Self-Reliance

A Chapter on Sensitivity

A Chapter on Expectations

A Chapter on Needing to be Right

A Chapter on Passing Judgment

A Chapter on Terms, Boundaries & Trust

A Chapter on Rules

A Chapter on Comfort Zones

A Chapter on Running Away

A Chapter on Aging

A Chapter on Anger

A Chapter on Control

A Chapter on Loss and Acceptance

A Chapter on Fitting In

A Chapter on Following

A Chapter On Blame

A Chapter on Listening

A Chapter on Worry and Fear

A Chapter on Praise and Criticism

A Chapter on What We Tell Ourselves

You see?  It’s all about mindsets.

It’s kinda’ funny that each time I revisit this part of my book, I feel that all too familiar eagerness of wanting to hurry the publishing process along.  I know in time it will happen, but the wondering about the when and with whom is where my thoughts constantly return.  I don’t mean to diminish any of the satisfaction that comes from completing the writing phase, but honestly, it quickly is replaced with the anticipation of what is to come. 🙂