get published

I know yesterday morning I stated that I would start sharing with you some of the steps I’ve been taking in order to get published.  So before I get too far into those weeds, I need to explain why I waited until after I completed my book to build the social media component of my author platform.  Although it was a conscious decision, it was not an easy one for me to make.  In my opinion though, it was a necessary decision and one I explain in my book proposal.  (More on that later, too.)

Now You Have Some Choices To Make

See… in order to live more consciously and then do a good job of writing about it, you REALLY have to distance yourself from your own susceptibility to social validation.  In other words, my own learning curve with living more consciously would have been at perpetual cross-purposes with the inescapable temptation to inspire more “likes” and more “followers”.  So I had to make a choice.  Do I write a real book about conscious living, or do I write a pretend book while I try to develop a following?  Obviously based on my discussions with you, I chose to write a real book, and I do not regret my decision to do so, nor do I regret the many, many days and hours I spent in complete solitude dedicated to creating the most authentic version I could.  In hindsight, I truly believe this choice enabled me to produce a better product, a product now worthy of your consideration.

See… even though I now must go hat in hand to every literary agent and publisher to defend against what they will want to categorize as “lost time”, I will continue to use the thought of YOU, my prospective readers, as the driving force behind my determination.  I really am excited about what I have in store for you, but again, like I keep saying… in order to share it with you, I must ask for your help.  So, please invite your friends to take part in this… (shall we say?) campaign to get my book published.  I promise you that my book will change how you think.  It may even change your life.  Yes… I know my words are strong, and I expect you will hold me to them, but I assure you that not only will my book live up to its claims, but it will live up to your expectations, too.

As with most things in life, it will be a process, and so far, it has been an interesting one. 🙂