you can do it - have what it takesPerhaps you’re wondering what led me to write a book, and that certainly is a fair question, but despite how fair and reasonable the question, it still makes me a bit uncomfortable to answer.  The Author’s Bio I included in my book speaks to this question only briefly, and honestly, that was by design.  See… I had no desire to write a personal memoir.  I still don’t.  Writing about myself or my “story” seems somewhat irrelevant, but since an author’s “bio” in many ways is an expected component of any book, especially for an unknown author who is trying to get published, I had to include an explanation.  If you’re interested in me providing a more detailed answer in this blog, let me know.  Otherwise I think it would be more beneficial to focus on the book I’ve written and the steps being taken to get it published.

Unraveling Your Mindsets in 21 Days

Truthfully… each time I take a next step, I develop a deeper respect for all the work that goes into getting a book into other people’s hands.  Oh yes, that’s an important aspect to me.  See… although I plan to have my book available in downloadable e-book format, I’ll be working hard to make it available in print and audio versions, as well.  Aside from the fact that holding a book in your hands just feels good, a hard copy of my book will make it easy for you to follow the 21 day process.  In terms of the audio version, I’m going to insist with whomever ultimately become my literary agent and publisher that none other than “yours truly” be the narrator.  Naturally, no one is more familiar than I with the content, but more importantly, I want you to hear the message as it was intended, and I know that will happen through a narration with me.

Please know that a huge portion of what I wrote was the result of my own very humbling self-discovery.  Please also know that I had no one other than myself coaching me through the process.  Admittedly… sometimes I was a really good coach, but sometimes… I wasn’t.  I had to go back and do it over again… and over again.  But because I did it by MYSELF, it REALLY changed me.  It also proved to me that not only COULD I do it, but that I was RESPONSIBLE for doing it… because it was for ME!  Who better than I to figure things out about MYSELF?  Or how could I expect or even allow someone else to do something so important… and potentially life changing?  I mean, heck, it is MY life.  Right??

Which brings me to the WHOLE POINT OF MY BOOK.  That’s why it’s titled a “Do-it-Yourself” guide.  This book is all about discovering that you really DO have what it takes to change your life.  It is self-help in its PUREST form.  Not only does it start with the self but it also ends with the self.  All I did was condense it to make it easier for you.  So now, all YOU have to do is read it or listen to it.  But be forewarned:  At times… some of what you read and hear won’t feel very comfortable.  I didn’t write a guide on how to feel good or how to tell people what they want to hear.  In my opinion, not much self-discovery results from placating ourselves… or one another, for that matter.  With all due respect, I think there already are too many books and too many people telling us what we want to hear, and too few nudging us to see the value in the things we turn a deaf ear to.  (Yes, I’m aware I just ended that sentence with a preposition.)

At any rate… my book titled, “The Do-it-Yourself Guide to Conscious Living – Unraveling Your Thoughts in 21 Days” not only will make you consciously aware of what you think, but it will make you aware of how what you think affects you.  And I promise you that more than once while reading or listening, you will find yourself thinking, “I really never thought about that before.  How did I miss that”? 🙂